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At this point you shouldn't even remain her friend. Well, I can't make that call based on the little bit you have posted.

One could chuck up the decision of dating a 14 year old to teenage ignorance and not some deep seeded issue or psychological disorder.

So my advice for the original poster is much the same as everyone else here.

You need to take another step towards adulthood and end your relationship with this 14 year old, regardless of its nature.

So if you have sex you will be a changed with rape.

But the issue now, he has ordered you not to have contract with his "child" a very younger teen and minor.

The only way it would be illegal is if she was 13 or 12.

The only way you would be labeled as a sex affender is if you were 17 dating a 12 year old and having sex.

I'm wondering if it's illegal to even DATE a 14 year old.Although you say nothing is sexual at the point & I do believe you, I have to say at this age that statement never lasts too long.Both of you are at an age where EVERYTHING is changing all at once & things will more then likely get closer soon.Which your not, and if your relationship does become sexual then you should break it off until she is closer to 18.For sex, in the US, the youngest is 16 in some states, and even 18 in a few others.

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