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I’m not saying Charles is anywhere near as good as CJ, but he’s a similar type back who could really cause the Jags problems if he can get in space.

I expect Jamaal Charles to get a legitimate shot to be the feature back this week. Sit ’em: Knowshon Moreno, Denver (vs Pittsburgh) I am a big fan of Knowshon Moreno’s, but not this week.

He’s also had over 100 yards in two straight games. The Chargers face the Giants, who are still 3rd in the NFL in yards passing allowed per game (165), but who have given up a whopping 12 passing TDs. Sit ’em: Hakeem Nicks, New York Giants (vs San Diego) As stated above while discussing Maclin, I don’t usually recommend rookies to start.

Don’t be scared because of the reputation of the Giants’ D. He is an outstanding young player currently in the midst of one of the hottest stretches in his career. Hakeem Nicks is a rookie who actually been pretty consistent, but I’m not a big fan this weekend.

Here is your statistical basis for starting Jamaal Charles, who is filling in as the starter now that Larry Johnson has been suspended: It’s always risky starting a player who has never carried a full load before, but did you see what Chris Johnson did to Jacksonville last week?

S., Sadler’s meats are the tasty, convenient choice when you want to watch the big game and eat well while you’re doing it.

Not a dominant performance by any means (especially the miss on Jonathan Stewart…damnit! As usual, my most accurate and useful advice comes in the Q&A throughout the week, so be sure to use the comment section for your questions.

Remember, the Colts are only 17th against the run and big plays against Indy often come on the ground.

I expect the Texans to ride Steve Slaton and Ryan Moats, however they decide to split the carries.

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