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Being an actress isn’t as fun as it may seem.” By July, she declared herself unretired.

That fall saw the release of in which Bynes plays the type of shallow blonde she was typically cast against, and newcomer Emma Stone plays the “girl next door.” It’s Bynes’ last credited film.

In 2003, after , "I want longevity, I'm waiting to find something a little bit above this movie.” The waiting wasn’t fruitful; among the few roles for a female actor even fewer could showcase the pratfalls, wide-eyed charm, and glib timing of Bynes.

That her extensive physical comedy range didn’t earn her more varied roles makes you wonder what would’ve happened if she’d come along just a few years later.

OVER THE PAST TWO years her tweets have become increasingly bizarre and her hazardous driving a tabloid regular feature.

Far from the well-adjusted teen of her old interviews, her looks have become her fixation and constant project.

“Amanda is doing great, enjoying school and thriving creatively,” he said.

It’s a happier chapter for the former child star, who began her professional acting career at the tender age of 7, appearing in a Buncha Crunch commercial.

You've got a mansion; I've got a five-floor walk-up.Hollywood’s preferences seemed to be shared by the men around her., she was dropped from the cast, allegedly for "paranoid and fearful" behavior.In June, four months before her next movie’s release, she announced her retirement from acting, saying, “I don’t love acting anymore so I’ve stopped doing it....She hopes to launch her line soon,” the source said.Bynes’ lawyer, David Esquibias, told PEOPLE that the star is hitting a good stride both personally and with her studies.

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