Are norman reedus and laurie holden dating

Reedus has been at the center of dating rumors with famous women like his TWD co-stars, Laurie Holden and Emily Kinney, as well as Rose Mc Gowan when he appeared on her breakthrough show, Charmed.

The model-turned-actor met Diane Kruger when they starred in the 2015 flick, Sky.

A few months after they broke up, the actress was front and center at Reedus’ art exhibition in Paris, where some sources claim they spotted them kissing.

Reedus moonlights as a painter, sculptor, and photographer and has displayed his artistic talents in galleries in Paris, New York, Berlin, and Frankfurt.

Says the source, "He was one of the first to support her at her concerts when she was still on the show." PHOTOS: The Walking Dead cast in real life Recently, the dad of 15-year-old Mingus (his son with model Helena Christensen) cheered on the singer-songwriter, 29, at her May 21 show in Decatur, Ga.

An eyewitness tells Us a few die-hard characters to be together, but of course, Beth was killed off," says the observer.

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