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When she does offer “I don’t want to feel this way” on “Pink Champagne”, we feel it.

We, the listeners, don’t really know how she wants to emote, and that, for all of the ear pleasing country goodness of Voyageur, it winds up being its biggest failing: a lack of a clear, consistent narrative arc that says something about one’s public persona and the intrusion of the deeply personal upon it.

That isn’t necessarily a horrible thing, but it does make Voyageur a bit interchangeable with other efforts by other artists.

Still, for all of its skirting around the edges and lack of direct comment on her own personal state of affairs – and that might sound like sour grapes, a reviewer wanting to know more intimate details of an artists’ personal crises and demons – Voyageur is a serviceable and agreeable record worth taking down a gravel road to.

“Anywhere you go, I’ll follow,” she sings on one song. As for the much vaunted Vernon being added to the co-producer’s chair, his presence is both an asset and a liability.

However, the overall effect is a bit of a stab at cookie-cutter Americana (or Canadiana, if you prefer) and Edwards treads down the road somewhat frequently taken by other female singer-songwriters such as Crow and Lucinda Williams.For those of you who might not be keeping score, Edwards split from her husband and long-time musical collaborator, Collin Cripps, a fairly well-respected (at least in his home country) Canadian music producer and musician, and has lately found herself in a romantic relationship and creative partnership with none other than Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, a move that will undoubtedly bring her much more cachet in America and beyond.Not only has Edwards been touring with Vernon, but he has co-produced Edwards' latest album.That film had been a success at the box office, but had gained even more fans on home video since then, leading to higher expectations for the sequel.Also, the massive success of will be remembered for the innovative ways creator Sam Esmail has found to portray the mental life of the show's central character, Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek).

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