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Every second is a whisper of an avatar but also an ambiguous reflection on the revolving doors of a Wall Street office as well.

In this world we often rest in an unconscious déjà-vu around the metaphors of Venetian splendor.

A fiction or a reality, we choose when to turn ourselves into children and amuse our hearts with the magic that surrounds us.We bring hope, hand in hand, sailing on the silent gondola under moonlit nights.We dance a ballet on the poppy fields until we become flowers. We often change the course of movement and instead of walking, we prefer to fly in the company of butterflies and to measure our grac? We often reincarnate into a Sisyphus suffering, decorated in a marvelous dress or into Golgotha, taming the dualism of our characters.Call us at (225) 388-9397 or email Caffery [email protected] information on available pieces and styles.====================================================== Shop displays eclectic variation " By Erin Rolfs, Contributing Writer, The Reveille On Government Street just past Sister Paula Psychic Palm Reader and before Calandro's Supermarket lies a pink house trimmed in black and white polka dots.The threshold of the front door is framed in cloth flowers, and the windows on either side display hanging pieces of purple, green and red stained glass.

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More By Robin Miller August 20, 2013 Artist Mary Ann Caffery went in search of pelicans, but thats not what she ended up photographing.....

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