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Usually they'll want to be more physically affectionate in terms of hugging and kissing, and they'll feel more protective towards you.As soon as someone's heart is soaring, they'll want everyone to know about it and sing from the rooftops like they're in the Sound of Music.Thanksfully, most people tend to reveal a whole lot about themselves very early on (it is true! Has not been in committed relationship for a long period (years); he/she may attribute his/her long-term single status to external circumstances, such as not meeting “the perfect one”, or needing an “ideal textbook love partner / relationship”; (consider this sign if they are over 30).6.Appears controlling; wants you to change your look (clothes, hair, etc.), or change what you do (your work, social activities, who you spend time with, etc.); may constantly text or call; expects/demands all of your time, especially on his/her terms-- may become angry, distant, moody or cold if you don’t respond.8.When someone feels truly in love, they feel certain.That means they lose any commitment-phobia and will want to find ways to bring you closer together.That means they'll actually learn the things that you love, whether it's bringing you your favourite coffee in the morning or taking you to that concert you keep talking about.When they're listening to what you love and trying to make it happen, it's a sure-sign they want you to love them.

Sure, they send you cute text messages and let you keep a toothbrush at theirs, but WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?So if you're serious about your recovery-- and serious about finding the right partner to have a relationship you can be happy and secure in, then it will be in your best interest to avoid any or all romantic relationships with a person who is love avoidant.Being love addicted, you probably experienced one or more relationships with a love avoidant (you likely did not know this).Time passes and within weeks or months, he/she begins changing from the seemingly charming, caring, and attentive person to someone cold, uncaring, distant, and unavailable.From then on he/she begins to reveal their true colors…

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  1. Unfortunately, as two people with impossibly tight and busy schedules, we weren't able to (or perhaps were unwilling or frightened) to carve out enough time in our schedules to really give the relationship a chance.