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You will have to work your tail off scanning lots of profiles and sending messages back and forth.Your best bet is to stay in or near Vilnius which has the largest pool of singles.A good friend of mine met his wife through harmony.....would you believe she was tallin,wife told me girls are very age conscious. There is still one that has a site up, but the office is empty or a mail-drop or something.What was amazing to me was how easy my friends wifewas able to visit him states when they were dating. Most women from there, if using a site, use free sites and social networks to meet guys.And I would say that the Estonians cant really be concidered to be FSU women any more.

They may accost you in the street in the evening in the Old Town if they think you look like a sucker.

About a third of women are ethnic Russians, the rest will be Estonian. As mentioned above, the Estonian women are very patriotic are are mostly pretending to be Scandinavian nowadays.

Forget big age gaps unless you speak the language, are resident and rich.

Most people from the Baltics are patriotic and you won't find many looking for foreigners. There are Russian women living in Estonia and they would be on average more open to foreigners.

I dont think there is any "MOB-market" at all in Estonia, especially not in the Tallinn area.

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Also, assuming you don’t speak Lithuanian, you are going to have that much more of a difficult time in trying to connect with someone as many people don’t speak a bit of English.

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