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,|ue ii:eetino;s he s-tled on the land Oc taken up & leyed out tor the Propryators. That be printed of the Pro\-ince and some declara- ■-ion d.^i WTi C to irr\-_\-te the planters with the conditi'.)ns ^ef:a-e ipcntioned ^ both published.

Colletoii be paid each respective Pro- nryat.)r 25^'" to be by him disburst as he! X)00 Acres in siicli place (jr places as thcv or there Ag-ents shall see titt to up and the same be i:"'unded Cc leyed out for them iii ye bei^innin-' of each Setie- ri K-nt. Tiiat in each Sedernent the Court howses Oi howses for pubi!

01' the Court of Admiralty and — as a rnen^of the Council— a ii;dgf: 01 t Jie Court of Chan -ery, and thc\- relused to listen to the com- plaints oi tlie Colonial lawx-ers whc- were not afraid to incu.i die resentmem 01 aii unjust Judge. evil was regarded as un.a\-o Idable, and the danger in dmes of peace, uo di.^fcu' immediate concern. They pro\'ided fir a Go\ernor a:\u Com- mander-in-Chief appointed by the Cre'wn, a Council or I'pper House appointed bv the Governor and appro\"ed b\' the Crown, and a Common.s House of Assemb K- elected bv Freeholders

Finally to extend their inriu- ence in rlie Coi.)nv, they ^udalenl)- enlarged the number of the Council or l'p:[)er-[b,u-.e. Remote as was the Colony from the seats of learning, from the great centres oi' the arts and sciences, it was impossible tiiat the advantages of edu- cation should be shared by all: but no\here was its \-alue appreciated, or its inriiience more recugnised. "Willjaiu Henry Drayton, tlie Rutledges, Henry and John Laurens, the two Pinckneys, and others oi' the political leaders of the Revo- lutionary period had recei\-e(J at least a jiart of their education there. In ccjntrast to the " P'undamental Constitutions" this scheme of ^o\-ernment was a model of simplicity and directness.

One rennedy u-as left to the Colonists — -to get rid ot the F'roprietors akogetner. If fear weresome- tiines felt le-^t the prer^ence of a large r^ervile popuhition '■■jm'! In the C'ry tb.e change from the Pr Oj^rietary to the Royal (ir^vern- ment w,is but a change of masters. Given under my hand at S' Georges the 4'-' of ftebrie An" Dom; [(^5^. In the \'ear 1719 the Pro\-ince of Caro Hna contained a popu- lation numijering at m(jst nine thousand freemen and twelve thousand slaves, about the population in iti~o of the county of Laurens. Conmnder in Cht-tt^-, And rhf Cotnand^' of the -itbrtsaid Shipp ^ heinir .ipp'jinied t'o sailc t Vun-i tiicsc L^landi; 'j:.[)on . Thcs- are iliere TKre :o W'ili and Reuuire, A)v] In h]un, and wh.o learned the lessons of m.anhood upon her soil. Hilton sailed along the coa.-^t to Ca[)e Fear and eritered and e. The Lord Dvike of Albemarle My Lord Cxi.\cn My Lord B-rk-Iey My Lord Ashky Mr. Tnat there be re-erved in e\-ery setlem' for ye Proprvators the quantity o\ 2. So tliat there is a necessitv of the present remo\-ail of that obstacle wfvich is humblie left to the consideracon of yo' Grace and the other noble persons con- cern' d. :ind tl-ev cannot settle under the patent least the other gentlemen shall g"i\"e ihem trouble or disturbance.

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