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I have raised my two kids by myself, for most of thier lives. I recently married a man with three grown daughters. She is beginning to show signs, the cloths she wants to wear, the music she listened to, all her girlfriends are black (i don't have a problem with that alone) and she defends her older sisters and the choice they are making in thier lives. Going into the relationship i felt pretty open minded about the issue and tried to be supportive. I do not believe in interacial relationships and do not want my daughter thinking it is okay to do.And no, i do not expect my daughter to date at 11, black or white. I know the reality of raising a daughter is she will want to date and at the approriate age.I want her foundation to be layed long before she reaches that age.

With race aside they are worthless not only as a boyfriend, but fathers as well.

Back in the 1950's or so they made this movie about a black woman who was so light skinned she passed for a white woman. Whatever culture you are, your background, church, community, etc.

Is it the RACE you dislike so much, or is it the color of the skin? that led you to your beliefs should be discussed with her.

I guarantee you that she has been exposed to mixed-couples before you ever got married and before she ever met her step-sisters. Its a very fine line to draw whether it is a "black" thing or just simply the "thug" like attidude and way of living.

I fully understand the same "type" of boy can be find in both races.

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My daughter's happiness is more important and takes premise over my personal feelings. If you don't want your daughter to date black men, then you should be able to present her with VALID reasons why you think it's so wrong.

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