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I had played with my **** from about the age of 6, but that was it.On this glorious day he showed me how to stroke and to keep most young men, I jerk off, not as often as I used to, but, then again, I'm old enough to be retired, and I've been married (and still am) to the same woman for over 40 years.The thing is, many times when I jerk off, I' fanticizing about playing with a guy, or a guy...Seeing all the sexy ladies in the swimsuits gave me a massive hard-on.I had to excuse myself and head back to the changing cubicle, before i came right there in the...

He had an older brother around 20 who used my friend to suck him off regularly.I was 13 when I started to jerk off felt soooo good I enjoyed it I'm married but still get off if I wait for a couple of days and do it for about 50 to one hour it will be explosion on my chest and stomach but I do it when I'm at home by myself. When I was growing up on the farm I start this thing of ******* off everywhere. Seemed that once I had jerked off in one place it got boring. I kept stroking my **** as if it were the natural thing to do.There wasn't a place on the whole farm that I didn't perform including the barn roofs. At the age of 15,my friend and i was having some chat at a very secluded area in school. That was feeling so good I stroked harder and harder until the pressure was to great. Just got out of a very hot shower and had to share one fun trick.WITH MY FIRST ENCOUNTER BEHIND ME, I QUICKLY BECAME A HORNY LITTLE KID.I SPENT SO MUCH TIME RUBBING MY ERECT PENIS, I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO WEAR IT OUT.

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