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In this review, NOAA must consider the impact of each closure on the coastal communities being regulated, including the impact on their small businesses and the losses of the jobs that would entail these closures.

I also support efforts to increase fisheries research to improve enforcement systems and to reform the flawed Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Act.

Long after the days of segregated schools, Grace Jones Community Daycare Center continues to serve the needs of Middle Keys families.

For years, the center struggled to keep its doors open, and when Hurricane Wilma's storm surge flooded and ultimately destroyed the already dilapidated facility in 2005, the board and staff's challenges grew exponentially.

The city plans on taking steps in the near future to adopting more solid policies that would garner greater public input prior to the council's approval of a proposed improvement project.

Despite chillier than normal temperatures, several dozen concerned citizens met with Hernstadt and members of the council at the corner of Avenue D and Coco Plum Drive to question the proposed design for a new path that could call for widening the existing path in places as much as 12 feet.Hotels, dive shops, and other tourist attractions will also continue to suffer as fishing enthusiasts decide to travel elsewhere.The impact of this multibillion dollar industry on the State of Florida cannot be overstated.| Courtesy of The Weekly Newspapers | Writing a story about a daycare center really jogged my memories of early childhood and my very first babysitter who cared for me and nurtured me while my mom and dad worked hard to support our family. Twyla, though hundreds of miles away, wished me a Happy Birthday on one of my favorite social networking sites.I first started my Facebook page while living in New York and found her still living in my hometown in Georgia.

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The Weekly Newspapers' own Deputy Editor Joshua Koler is currently developing his skills while simultaneously charming all the veteran teachers at Grace Jones.

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