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The university is conflicted between maximizing its potential to win and needed advertising revenues from television coverage. After the Tigers held the Rebels to only 7 points in a 10–7 victory, Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace stated, "It's a crazy atmosphere.

In 1936 capacity was more than doubled with 24,000 seats in the north end zone, turning the stadium into a horseshoe.

By the end of the 1980s the stadium held 80,150 spectators.

The official capacity of the stadium was lowered to 80,000 in 1994 when a section of seating was removed for renovations to the visiting team locker room.

Renovations and expansions have brought the stadium's current capacity to 102,321, making it the third largest stadium in the SEC, sixth largest stadium in the NCAA and the seventh largest stadium in the world.

When filled to capacity, Tiger Stadium ranks as the fifth largest "city" by population in the state of Louisiana.

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