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People know that it's an offence, yet they continue to do it.

Our enforcement shows we have a strong stance against it.'Yes, six points is quite steep, but people know the dangers of what they're doing.'Everybody who has been using their mobile phone today has been using it for texting or social media.'They've been doing it down by their side below the level of the dashboard - they're clearly doing that to hide what they're doing.'They understand it's unlawful, they understand it's dangerous.' The Mail's End the Mobile Madness campaign was launched last year after a shocking string of fatal accidents involving motorists who were phoning, texting or checking social media while driving.

An RAC survey found that one in four (26 per cent) motorists admits checking texts, emails and social media while driving.

Lorry driver Kroker was jailed for ten years in October after killing a woman and three children in a crash on the A34 in Berkshire while distracted by his phone.

Speaking after he was stopped, the Ford Focus driver said: 'I just feel p***ed off to be honest.

Nine other drivers were caught out during the roads policing team's crackdown, including the driver of a Red Suzuki who said: 'It was my stupid fault.

'I think the new rules are fair - it's going to stop people.' The driver of a white Toyota thought the six-point penalty was too much.'I think it's quite a lot.' she said.

Officers saw a van swerving between the lane markings and pulled alongside it, only to spot a pet parrot walking along the top of the steering wheel with the driver appearing to talk to it.

The bizarre incident happened on the M20 between junctions five and six near Aylesford in Kent on Monday.

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Ordinarily it is illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone or similar device - such as a sat nav or camera - while driving or riding a motorcycle.

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