Red flags dating guys

These are clear red flags that might set off an alarm in your head upon meeting a new guy.But, you also have to consider the things he may be hiding deep down.We all have days where we don’t feel great about ourselves but if he consistently asks for confirmation, he’s likely insecure and that tends to lead to issues such as jealousy and distrust. There’s nothing wrong with confronting past relationships but if he pulls it out early or often during dating it probably means he’s not over her. “I tend to roll hot and cold with women I’m seeing because some days I just don’t feel like talking to people in general,” said Reddit user Ugh Why Dude.You’re either a rebound or going to be help next to this girl as a measuring stick. “One day I’ll be cracking jokes with you or having a really deep connection building conversation, then you won’t hear from me for like three days and then I come back like nothing’s happened.

Is it rude to not at least reach for our wallets when the bill comes?Have I made it far enough into relationships with these guys to call them my boyfriends? But red flags are red flags, and I consider my method of avoiding men who have let their red flags fly to just be about the best method of damage control that one can do.Most recently, I started talking to this guy I met at a bar.“I feel like I’m self absorbed while also self deprecating,” said Reddit user gurudingo.“I don’t think it comes on strong enough that it screams ‘cry for help’…but it’s totally a cry for help.” Guys are cocky one minute and insecure the next. “I lose interest quickly if I’m not given enough attention and then sometimes I do it anyway,” said Reddit user i_heart_blondes.

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“I have no qualms about dropping everything to venture forth to a faraway land on a quest for months at a time regardless my relationship status.

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