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For anyone looking to improve their appearance, health and fitness, this is personal training without the price tag.Training takes place in small single sex groups of up to 6 people.To top it all off you get free nutritional advice and planning, which is definitely not a typical inclusion at other gyms, and it can make a big difference in meeting your goals.I am pregnant again, but I will definitely be back as soon as possible.) and any number of other uniquely designed activities that Iain arranges for that month. If you are willing to put the work in outside of the gym with your diet, inside the gym you will see all-over change.Within 16 weeks, I lost just shy of 50 pounds and have gained more muscle mass and strength than I have had in years. " "I gained 65 lbs when I was pregnant, and although I lost a lot of the weight initially, I was struggling with the remaining 15 lbs of "baby fat" so I decided to join Highlander Strength and Fitness.

Iain is a fantastic trainer, he is stern (but not scary) and pushes you to train harder, while maintaining good form & technique, and he has a way of making you believe that you can flip that heavy tire, because he knows that you can!

He is passionate about achieving fitness through fun and challenging workouts that are tailored to achieve optimal results while protecting any existing health conditions, preventing future injuries, and supporting clients knowledge about effective health and fitness techniques.

Attending Highland Strength & Fitness and working with Iain has been empowering and rewarding for me and I highly recommend it as a safe, efficient, and effective way to meet your health and fitness goals." "I have been training with Highlander Strength and Fitness for approximately 20 months.

Strength gain and weight loss were definitely highlights of my journey but even more important was gaining confidence, sharing lots of laughs, and finding an approach to health I truly enjoy." "First I should say that I'm not a gym person, or rather not a traditional gym person, which is why Highlander Strength & Fitness appealed to me; and once I met with Iain and saw the gym, I knew it was going to be a good fit.

I'm a mom of three kids, and when my youngest was 9 months old, I was feeling overweight, weak and just not myself.

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