Sndrec32 exe there was an error updating the registry Adult chat room web space

Eudora replaces the mapi32file with the Windows original and Active Sync works fine." For more info from Eudora click here When you re-establish a "partnership" between your device and Active Sync, it will refuse to allow you to use the same device name because it feels that this new relationship is with a different device and it is needlessly protecting the assets of the old device.

The solution is to manually purge all references to the old device that exist on the PC, so start by; Delete the desktop folder shortcut that Activesync created for the original partnership Move or remove the folder that the shortcut pointed to Assure that your PC's file explorer is set to view "hidden files" Search for the "device name" and remove the backup folder that bears that name While my case was an unresolved file, I'm guessing that this may work on the pim database items such as contacts and events as well.

In the past, I have also noted that on pim items, that I have, on occasion, seen the name of the contact or appointment that was causing the problem, but never known why the item id was not consistantly presented.

So you have done everything possible and finally decided that the "Disconnect and Reconnect..." message was composed by a programmer who didn't have a clue and had not received nearly enough dope slaps, then; back up sync to point of only that included the name of the file that could not be resolved.

Finally, if you need that file, put it back in the sync folder and sync again.

it's been over three years and no appreciable help has been forthcoming.

The following are some personal thoughts on addressing several very sticky problems; With any search for Activesync solutions, repairing or replacing the Outlook ".

once they are synced as files, Active Sync will not allow you to check the "Notes" icon because they are no longer Outlook data.

This is doubly strange as I have yet to find any way to access a Notes (.pwi) file on the PC using any app including Outlook.

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