Tips on dating a pothead

Age: 60-75 This is when the weed consumption ramps back up again.

The fact that you are “free” for the first time in your life will allow you to blaze up without worrying about getting flack from your parents if they find your stash in the sock drawer.

You will have seemingly life altering epiphanies while listening to The Mars Volta or trying your first slice of barbecue chicken pizza with ranch dressing.

Looking back on these experiences later in life you might facepalm that you would do such ridiculous things while high on weed but that’s what being a high school kid is about. Don’t smoke grass in the parking lot of your high school, and don’t smoke before every action you make.

Corona bottles, Hawaiian shirts and good times are to be had all around.

You will rediscover your love for Mary Jane like the girl who got away so many years ago.

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Also, you probably won’t to get high anymore, just like you won’t want to go to frat parties or jump in the mosh pit at The Deftones concert.

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