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One of three daughters raised in an Oklahoma City suburb by Cindy, a school custodian, and Dennis, a handyman, she was 11 when she began using drugs. One afternoon, a man in his early 20s pulled alongside her in a car and asked if she’d like to go to a party.The girl in the passenger seat “looked around my age and was really pretty,” says Summer.A similar FBI sting operation in Oklahoma, code-named Stormy Nights, has so far resulted in the conviction of 14 traffickers, their victims mostly between the ages of 12 and 17.While the vast majority of truckers aren’t involved in child prostitution, those who are often don’t care how young the girls are, says Oklahoma City vice-squad investigator Ben Lacaze: “They know when a girl is 13 versus 20; these girls still talk about the same silly stuff most teenagers talk about.” Adds Mike Beaver, an FBI special agent who has worked on Stormy Nights since 2003, both “the pimps and the johns are looking for the young ones because they’re easily manipulated.” Summer’s story shows just how easily a young girl can slip through the cracks. “I thought I was the reason he was sick, because I was doing drugs.” At 13, now with a methamphetamine habit, Summer dropped out of school.Most pimps beat their girls; some tattoo them as a way of branding them, says the FBI’s Beaver. Pimps often tell the girls they’ve committed a crime, so going to the police is useless, or that their “families will reject them once they find out what they’ve been doing,” says Mc Campbell, the former U. Finally the FBI pulled her off the streets and put her in a juvenile facility.

A BUBBLY, PONYTAILED GIRL FROM OKLAHOMA CITY, FOND OF VOLLEYBALL AND SPONGEBOB Square Pants, she found herself far from home and stranded at a truck stop along Texas’s Interstate 40 on a chilly January night three years ago.In jeans and T-shirt, she walked to a strip of tarmac where several 18-wheelers were parked—an area known as “Party Row”—and waited for a trucker to flash his headlights.When one did, Summer pulled herself into the cab of his rig and, as the trucker casually watched a small TV, turned her first trick.Age: 34Height: 6'2"Weight: I have a big gut, but I'm working on it.I'm under 300 pounds for the first time since the Clinton administration.

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