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He needed to find proper competition to prepare his team for the season.

Last week, UCLA Coach Steve Alford gathered his team's point guards and hashed out a new plan.

That's what this team needed."So he enlisted the national teams from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, along with a French professional team, and met them at the tony Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

UCLA hasn't filled its home arena in more than a year.

But there is a cost of doing business at the highest level."Kentucky invests, and reaps the benefits.

Get what you pay for Last summer, Calipari had a problem.

Kentucky is 7-0 and ranked first in every major poll.

While Kentucky Coach John Calipari books five-figure hotel suites in the Bahamas, UCLA Coach Steve Alford gets an expense report kicked back when he upgrades out of economy class.

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