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Now researchers have discovered that this law of reciprocity is in dire need of an asterisk in the domain of romantic attraction.The more you tend to experience romantic desire for all the potential romantic partners you meet, the study shows, the less likely it is that they will desire you in return.Organized by Remedy Cuba, a medical-school group raising funds to distribute pharmaceuticals in Cuba, the event drew students who described the standard U of C social scene as “introverted” and “desolate.” As Nelly’s thrummed through the awkward pre-event mingling, one student worried that he “might be losing the ability to chase ladies; I study too hard.” But when the round robin began, chitchat swelled and few participants had trouble filling five minutes, no matter how odd their partner. Speed daters who romantically desired most of their potential partners were rejected overwhelmingly, according to a new Northwestern University study.Conventional wisdom has long taught that one of the best ways to get someone to like you is to make it clear that you like them.

"Getting an understanding of the social and economic situation of the country was a one-of-a-kind experience." REMEDY UChicago collected more than ,000 for the effort, raising funds by auctioning off outings with medical school professors to restaurants and sporting events, including a friendly round of golf.They also received donated supplies from the University of Chicago Medical Center, particularly the pediatric intensive care unit and Pari Respiratory Equipment Inc."This was a cool reprise from sitting and studying an anatomy book for hours and hours," said Sahil Mehta, co-president of REMEDY UChicago.Students from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine recently received the first Outstanding REMEDY Program Award for service in medicine provided during a public health trip to the Dominican Republic, one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere.The award will be presented at the first annual REMEDY Global Impact Awards ceremony on April 5, 2008, in Seymour, Conn.

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