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Add a host of ball playing breakaways like Ryan Wilson and Adam Ashe and suddenly the way forward becomes clear – just don’t expect Glasgow to throw the ball about willy nilly.It is in the forwards where the one-time centre Rennie may make the biggest impact.He has a reputation for ignoring rugby reputations and picking players instead on character, preferring work horses over show ponies, “good buggers” as he would have it, a phase that became something of a watch word for Rennie back home.

When Rennie arrived in 2012 they won the Super Rugby title for the first time and then backed it up the following season.

Rennie is also an innovator, the first coach to appoint two captains, Liam Messam and Craig Clarke, when he first joined the Chiefs who also employed the “no ruck breakdown” long before Italy used the same tactic to bamboozle England in general and poor James Haskell in particular during last season’s Six Nations.

The Kiwi identified Europe’s obsession with defence as one of the main differences between the northern and southern halves of the globe which is why, he explained, we rarely get those basketball scores that are commonplace in Super Rugby.

The Kiwi coach has already stated that he won’t try to impose the Chiefs’ all-out-attack-from-all-corners-of-the-compass philosophy but frankly he doesn’t have to impose anything because Glasgow already play that way.

The Warriors are the nearest thing in Europe to his old franchise that Rennie could find.

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